Project Management
Work plan integrity of the project is designed in order to achieve the objectives of the present project

Project Leader and Deputy Leader
Project Leader and Deputy Leader are responsible for the overall management of the project.

Project Leader responsibilities

  • The Project Leader is responsible for contacts with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria and the DiSSCo Central Coordination Office, transmission of the project information and the preparation of progress and activity reports.
  • communication with the Ministry of Education and Science
  • communication with the DiSSCo Central Coordination Office
  • coordination of the organisation of regular project meetings
  • ensuring the proper communication between WP leaders and task leaders
  • supervising the maintenance of the E-bulletin and the circular e-mail system
  • overall coordination of the work plan in accordance to the time-table
  • allocation of the funds in accordance with the annual work plan and annual fund allocation plan
  • overall financial control
  • coordination of auditing process
  • supervises administrative work and the preparation of annual and final reports

Deputy Leader responsibilities

  • collaborates with the coordinator assisting for implementation of his/her tasks
  • performs specific organizational functions, including some of those envisaged for the coordinator, after a written authorization by the coordinator