The Hydrobiological laboratory at the "Aquatic Invertebrates" collection of IBEI-BAS has been renovated under the DiSSCo-BG project

As a result of the work on the first stage of the project "Upgrading the Scientific Infrastructure "Distributed System of Scientific Collections - Bulgaria (DiSSCo-BG)", the laboratory at the Department of "Aquatic Ecosystems" in the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research - BAS was renovated. In the Hydrobiological laboratory are worked up and will be stored part of the spirit collections, as well as collections of permanent preparations of aquatic invertebrates.

The renovated laboratory has the required infrastructure and equipment for sample processing, preparation of microscopic samples and digitization of specimens. Aquatic invertebrate specimens were collected and separated during gathering of hydrobiological samples from rivers and still water sources throughout the country. Specimens from the collections are completed with information about location and data on the physical and chemical characteristics of the aquatic environment.