Work package 1: Project management
WP 1 Leader: Prof. Boyko B. Georgiev
This WP is focused on the coordination and management of the project in order to achieve the objectives of DiSSCo-BG. The activities envisaged include the coordination, current management, supervision, control of timing and quality of work activities, internal information flow. The coordination of the contacts with Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria and the management structure of the pan-European DiSSCo RI are important elements of this WP. This WP is also responsible for the development of the collection policy system as well as for the organisation of the external assessment of the DiSSCo RI. We plan to build-up an internal management structure at three levels: Management Board (MB), Executive Board (EB) and Work-packages Boards (WPB1-WPB5).
  • Administrative and financial management of the project
  • Coordination of the contacts with the Ministry of Education and Science and the pan- European DiSSCo RI
  • Controlling quality and timing of project results
  • Setting up internal communication mechanisms
  • Organising the development of policy documents
  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Organising external evaluation of DiSSCo-BG RI
Description of work
Task 1.1. ОOrganisation, monitoring and assessment of project activities.
Task leader: Prof. Boyko B. Georgiev
This task is scheduled for the entire duration of the project. It includes the organization of:
  • annual meetings of the Management Board (months 1, 13, 25, 37 and 48)
  • annual meetings of the project participants (months 1, 13, 25, 37 and 48)
  • regular (every 3 months) and ad hoc meetings of the Executive Board
  • coordination of activities related to more than on WPs
  • maintenance of project documentation (reports, schedules, plans, etc.)
  • coordination of contacts with the Ministry of Education and Science
  • coordination of the contacts with the pan-European DiSSCo RI
  • coordination of the preparation of documents related to the work of the entire RI (plans, reports, etc.)
Задача 1.2. Establishment and maintenance of the management information system (e-mail distribution lists and E-newsletter with frequency once per three months)
Task leader: Ms Elena Semerdzhieva
This task is scheduled for the entire duration of the project. The e-mail distribution list will be used on occasions. The E-newsletter will be published every three months and will include survey of the most important ongoing activities. It will be accessible for all the staff of the consortium members in order to provide entire transparency of the project activities and to distribute MB and EB decisions.The establishment of a managed information system (e-mail distribution lists, E-bulletin) will assure the appropriate information flow among the participants of the project and assist with the coordination activities. It will include also a schedule of the project activities and information on the progress of task achievement.

Task 1.3. Development of RI-related policy
Task leaders: Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Bozukov and Assoc. Prof. Rostislav Bekchiev
The following policy documents related to the RI are envisaged to be elaborated (or revised) on the basis of the existing internal regulations of the two partners or on the basis of the documents adopted by the pan-European DiSSCo RI or CETAF:
  • Ethical Code of the Collection Curation
  • Intellectual Property Management Plan
  • Open Science Plan
  • Knowledge and Technology Transfer Plan
  • Long-term Sustainability of the RI
  • Access to the physical RI
  • Access to the digital RI
  • Data Management of the RI
Since all these documents need to be harmonised with those adopted by DiSSCo and CETAF partners, the exact schedule cannot be proposed in the present moment. Collection Policy Work Group will be settled in the first month of the project implementation. A plan for the documents to be developed (or revised) will be proposed on annual basis, mostly depending on the policy development schedule of pan-European DiSSCo RI. However, for the entire duration of the project (2020-2023), a complete set of policy documents has to be prepared and introduced in power.

Task 1.4. External evaluation of the RI
Task leader: Prof. Aneta Kostadinova
This task is envisaged for 2023 (months 37-42), after the implementation of the main work for the development of the physical and digital infrastructure included in DiSSCo-BG RI. We plan to request the governing structures of the pan-European DiSSCo RI (e.g. DiSSCo Central Coordination Office) to form a group of evaluators to assess the quality of the development of DiSSCo-BG RI. Their assessment and recommendation will be of crucial importance for our further work in the frames of the DiSSCo Implementation (Construction) Phase (till 2025) and during the DiSSCo First Operational Phase (2025-2030).

WP 1-related deliverables
  • D1.01-D1.04: Management Board Decisions on the annual plan and budget allocation
  • D1.05-D1.08: Management Board approved annual reports
  • D1.09-D1.12: Annual reports for the consortium policy development
  • D1:13: Report of the panel implementing the external evaluation of RI
  • D1.14: MB approved plan for the necessary measures following the external evaluation of RI
  • D1.15: Final Report on the consortium policy development
  • D1.16: Final report on the project implementation
WP 1-related milestones
  • M1.1: Kick-off meeting
  • M1.2-M1.3: Annual meetings – Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3
  • M1.5: Final meeting
  • M1.6: Presentation of the report of the external evaluation of the RI
  • M1.7: Approval and powering of the package of collection-related policy documents